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It’s a Blur…Intro Post

Welcome to “Release,” my blog on public relations, marketing, leadership and creativity. It’s a fairly broad mix, but all are components of what I get paid to do. Not to resort to a cliché in my first paragraph, but the lines blur between the four primary topics of this blog.

Public relations is a traditional part of the marketing mix, but it’s expanding beyond its role as an influencer and reputation builder to become a direct response platform. PR deliverables posted online, such as articles and news releases, link to company Web sites, product information, and the purchasing mechanism. Good marketing comes down to the “call to action,” and that call is showing up in unexpected places and voiced in unexpected phrases. You don’t always have to scream “BUY NOW!” to get the consumer to do just that.

Leadership drives every organization, offering and cause. The most potent PR and marketing can’t counterbalance leaders who are scattered, selfish, weak, contemptuous, or noxious (And no, you don’t get extra points if you can name someone with two or more of these traits). Done properly, PR and marketing are expressions—and increasingly, direct communications—of leaders who exemplify their companies’ value propositions.

Creativity comes last, because it should. Research and reflection, budgeting and scheduling, wheeling and dealing must occur before we beckon the muse…“Wa Sabe Ani Mako, O Tar Vey, Rama Kong.” (Now you can get extra points, if you recognize that line.) In the end, we must inspire and convince through our communications and actions, from a simple catalog description to a Super Bowl ad, from spontaneous charity to an R&D breakthrough years in the making.

It’s a blur–public relations, marketing, leadership, creativity. On a good day, I enjoy them all at once.


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