Serve to Lead

August 27, 2010 at 8:58 pm 1 comment

These are diminished times. Money, jobs, resources, and hope are in short supply. But perhaps the most glaring deficit is in leadership. Errors in judgement, questionable agendas, and the inability to admit mistakes or articulate vision define today’s “leadership class.” As one leader after another fails in spectacular fashion, many of us may shrug and ask, “What can we do?” James Strock has an answer: “Serve to Lead.”

Serve to Lead is a mantra, a methodology and a book. It is an interactive system to instill leadership skills in anyone, from a CEO to an intern. Serve to Lead’s creator, James Strock, is an author, speaker and consultant to private and public organizations. He has exercised and observed leadership first-hand as an environmental protection officer under President George H.W. Bush and Governor Pete Wilson. He has drawn leadership lessons from the greatest historic examples including Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Serve to Lead bases its leadership system on four questions:

  • Who Are You Serving?
  • How Can You Best Serve?
  • Are You Making Your Unique Contribution?
  • Are You Getting Better Every Day?

Like the Harvard-trained lawyer he is, James Strock makes a powerful case for each question with the ample use of precedents. His examples of leadership qualities and command decisions span history, pop culture and scripture–from the grandeur of Churchill to the psychedelia of the Beatles, from the gentle instruction of the Apostle John to the profane address of General Patton to troops on the eve of D-Day.

But the book is not a documentary. It is a living document meant to be filled out, followed and referenced frequently. It is appropriate for everyone due to its core premise:

  • Everyone Can Lead, Because Everyone Can Serve.

I’ve known James Strock for nearly 10 years. He encouraged me as I built my public relations and marketing career and as I completed my bachelor’s degree in my mid-forties. (The kind words and good advice continue as I race to finish my master’s before age 50.) The man behind Serve to Lead believes in the greatness in all of us. With this book, he has given us the means to find and share it.


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  • 1. James Strock  |  August 28, 2010 at 8:55 am

    Many thanks, Jason for your generous review of Serve to Lead. In today’s world, there are no excuses: we can all make a difference, and only we can decide what our contribution will be.


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